Tasmania Government Departments

State Library of Tasmania - Government

Screen Tasmania - the office for film, television and multimedia

The Premier of Tasmania

School of Government - University of Tasmania


Tasmania - Mental Health - SRSC

Arts Tas (State Development)

Business Affairs (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Anti-Discrimination Commission Tasmania

(Justice and Industrial Relations)

Anti-Discrimination Tribunal

(Magistrates Court of Tasmania)

Archives Office of Tasmania (Education)

Arts Tas (State Development)

Aurora Energy

Basslink Development Board

(Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)

Births, Deaths and Marriages

(Justice and Industrial Relations)

Burnie Port Corporation

Business Affairs (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Business Tasmania (State Development)

Centre of Excellence in Online Learning (Education)  

Child Care Tasmania (Education)

Civil Division (Magistrates Court of Tasmania)

Commissioner for Children

Community Corrections Service

(Justice and Industrial Relations)

Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading

(Justice and Industrial Relations)

Coronial Division (Magistrates Court of Tasmania)

Corrective Services (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Criminal and General Division

(Magistrates Court of Tasmania)

Derwent Estuary Program

Director of Public Prosecutions

(Justice and Industrial Relations)


Electricity Ombudsman

E-Services Group (Premier and Cabinet)

Forest Practices Board  

Forestry Tasmania

Government Prices Oversight Commission

Guardianship and Administration Board

(Justice and Industrial Relations)

Health and Human Services  
Health Complaints Commissioner
(Justice and Industrial Relations)
Hobart Ports Corporation
Housing Tasmania (Health and Human Services)  
Hydro Tasmania

Industrial Supplies Office (State Development)  

Infrastructure, Energy and Resources

Inland Fisheries Service

Innovation Centre (State Development)

Innovation, Science and Technology (State Development)

Intelligent Island Board (State Development)

Justice and Industrial Relations  

Land Information System Tasmania

(Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

Launceston General Hospital (Health and Human Services)  

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania  

Legal Ombudsman (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Local Government Division (Premier and Cabinet)

Magistrates Court of Tasmania

Marine and Safety Tasmania

Mental Health Tribunal (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Metro Tasmania

Mineral Resources Tasmania

(Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)

Motor Accidents Compensation Tribunal

(Magistrates Court of Tasmania)

Motor Accidents Insurance Board

Multicultural Tasmania (Premier and Cabinet)

Natural Heritage Trust Unit

(Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

Networking Tasmania Group (Premier and Cabinet)  

Nomenclature Board (Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

North West Regional Hospital (Health and Human Services)

Office of Aboriginal Affairs (Premier and Cabinet)

Office of Antarctic Affairs (State Development)

Office of Energy Planning and Conservation

(Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)

Office of Industrial Relations (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Office of Parliamentary Counsel (Premier and Cabinet)

Office of Post-Compulsory Education and Training (Education)

Office of Sport and Recreation (State Development)

Office of the Tasmanian Energy Regulator

Office of Youth Affairs (Education)

Ombudsman (Justice and Industrial Relations)


Parole Board (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Police and Public Safety

Policy Division (Premier and Cabinet)

Poppy Advisory and Control Board

(Justice and Industrial Relations)

Port Arthur Historic Site Management Authority

Port of Devonport Corporation

Port of Launceston

Premier and Cabinet

Primary Industries, Water and Environment

Printing Authority

Prison Service (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Private Forest Reserves Program

(Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

Private Forests Tasmania

Public Guardian (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Public Trustee

Racing Services Tasmania (Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)

Recorder of Titles (Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal

Resource Planning and Development Commission

Retirement Benefits Fund Board

Rivers and Water Supply Commission

(Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens

Schools Registration Board

Screen Tasmania (State Development)

Skills Response Unit (State Development)

Small Claims Division (Magistrates Court of Tasmania)

Solicitor General (Justice and Industrial Relations)

State Bicycle Advisory Committee (Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)

State Development

State Emergency Service (Police and Public Safety)

State Library of Tasmania (Education)

State Revenue Office (Treasury and Finance)

State Service Commissioner (Premier and Cabinet)

Supreme Court of Tasmania

Surveyor-General (Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

TAFE (Education)

Tasmania Fire Service

Tasmania Online (Education)

Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service (Primary

Industries, Water and Environment)

Tasmania Together

Tasmanian Ambulance Service

Tasmanian Audit Office

Tasmanian Communities Online

Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority

(Primary Industries, Water and Environment)

Tasmanian Educational Leaders Institute

Tasmanian Electoral Office

Tasmanian Electronic Commerce Centre

Tasmanian Gaming Commission (Treasury and Finance)

Tasmanian Government Office (State Development)

Tasmanian Heritage Council

Tasmanian Industrial Commission (Justice and Industrial Relations)

Tasmanian Institute of Sport (State Development)

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (State Development)

Tasmanian Open Learning Service (Education)  

Tasmanian Secondary Assessment Board (Education)

Tasmanian State Training Authority (Education)

Tasmanian Teachers Registration Board (Education)

Tasmanian Timber Promotion Board

Telecommunications Management Division

(Premier and Cabinet)  

TOTE Tasmania

Tourism Tasmania (State Development)

Transend Networks

Transport (Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)

Travel Agents Licensing Board

(Justice and Industrial Relations)

Treasury and Finance

TT-Line Company Pty. Ltd.

Wellington Park Management Trust

Women Tasmania (Premier and Cabinet)

Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Tribunal

Workplace Standards (Infrastructure, Energy and Resources)

Youth Justice (Health and Human Services)

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