From a man who went to seek with out education, he felt disserved.
With faith he found a search to be free.
With that knowledge I set myself free.
Knowledge is freedom to know with out knowledge you keeping your self-below
So learn from the best and know that knowledge is the love of people willing to give you a go.

Thank you Google for giving me a Go
David Khoury

As an idea, a day goes by each day an idea, which is in everyway like a second exists to be precise like an idea has taste and spice.
-David & Wesley

The world is not only stranger than we suppose,
it is stranger than we can suppose.
-J.B.S. Haldane

The World is hung, since the big bang.
It's strange to see that wonder
how far the inner eye can wonder.

-David & Wesley
Inspired by Steven Wren.

Action is from within.
Louder then words are thin.
Our strength comes from within.
like a thought brought.
Action to be and to win.

-David & Wesley

I wonder there are seven wonders.
I wonder who we are,
from down under.
Like the seven seas we see
Like the sun, to bright for the eye to see
Like the moon, the protector from the sun. The mother of the seven seas.
-David & Wesley

The big wide web, as one man said,
if we all work as one, the web
can serve everyone.

-David & Wesley

How can, I be happy Jan, and advertise, when I ran.
I want to be back, without having a heart attack.
Susan, make me happy Jan, and give me the best price you can.

-David & Wesley

Road is wide
Journey is far
Time is clicking
Horizon is near
Thought is excelerating
Heart is beating
Mind is freaking
Soul is seeking
eyes is weeping
Destination is there
-David & Wesley

I'm a sword fish
I'm your wish
in the hook, Im going to be hooked
In the sea I'm free
Let me be
I'm a sword fish
I'm your wish let me be.
-David & Wesley

Beauty is, hands of my mother
I discover
Beauty is in each other
as one of each mother we are.
-David & Wesley

I Banked on the city
but it was blank
I wish someone can help me
that I can thank.
-David & Wesley

Tell astra what you are
Your a shining star
as a satallite your so bright
like the founders
who got you so far
Communicating like the satallite you are
Sharing and Caring
-David & Wesley

As gems in a Field
theres always a gem for ones need
as the gems we are
we always find the seed.
-David & Wesley

Its strange what we think
Its brought by our thought
Its a knot we caught
-David & Wesley

More Poetry and ideas coming soon
Still under construction

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